All I Want For Christmas is You!

Caleb and I have been busy bees around here getting everything ready for my parents to visit today (they haven’t visited in two years) and my sister and bro in law get here tomorrow, they haven’t been here fo  4 or 5 years. We’re super excited! _____ On another note, I often jump on Caleb’s lap and say “All I want for Christmas is you, Santa.” Being silly, and laughing with each other is one of our favorite things about our relationship. We have hundreds of nick names for each others. I come up with a new name for Caleb weekly. We sometimes walk around the house with our shirts tucked into our pants, with our pants pulled up high and sing songs and dance around. We’re always making funny faces at each other and whispering gibberish into each others ears. Anything to make each other laugh. _____ Laughter is seriously the best medicine many times, and such a bonding experience. It often puts things into perspective if we’re taking things to seriously. _____ One of our go to nicknames recently is snack, lovie, true and too many more. What’s a nickname you use for a loved one? What’s a way you love to laugh with them? So fun to hear your stories! 

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