Antelope Canyon

Day 17 of our epic road trip today and we are so excited and thankful for the memories we have had and the ones we will create in the coming days. Antelope Canyon was a spectacle, such an amazing place to have gotten to see and share an experience at. Love the pictures we were able to get there and this one is a favorite. Our trip has been epic so far, We have gotten to see horseshoe bend in Az, antelope canyon in AZ, the Great Sand dunes in CO, Dodge City in KS, Hermann MO, Dayton OH, Pittsburgh PA, and Chicago IL. All beautiful and unique places that will have a special place in our hearts. We have gotten to do photo shoots with epic back drops, and taken some priceless photos with friends and family. So many moments that are etched in the core of our memories. As we continue to drive along, we experi nice daily the loving grace, peace, and joy that Jesus can bring us not only in beautiful scenery, but in the quiet time we get with Him as we drive along. We have both been deeply impacted so far by this trip. We have experienced our fair share of lows and many highs, but one thing is constant, that God is with us and has been guiding our journey. We are feeling refreshed even in the midst of long drives, and We know that going home in a few days We will have He inspiration and strength to conquer the giants that face us throughout the year. What brings you a feeling of refreshment? 

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