Blizzy The Adorable Bunny

Tag a friend who might also find bunny noses ridiculously adorable! 🐰Wanted to give you guys a little BTS info about my @unshakablecrown flatlay shoots. After Caleb placed flowers in my hair (two pictures ago) I had to let our bunnies play in the flowers for a couple minutes. Blizzy (pictured here) and Frosty (the white bunny several pics ago) likes to eat the rose petals as a special treat. I enjoy making flatlay photos a lot, it’s so fun for me, a great creative outlet + we sell some of these photos on cards/pillows etc. in our gift shop (link in bio). I use the pretty flowers I get from the farmers market in @visitpasadena or flower district in downtown LA for a bunch of different projects after enjoying their beauty in a vase for a few days. Some of my creative projects don’t always work out the way I want: especially the ones with our little animals, but it always makes for a lot of laughter and a cute shot or two. It’s great practice for me as a photographer as well, to photography animals since they never sit still. Got to get that great shot quick and be able to change my settings fast. Caleb and I enjoy practicing our photography skills with shoots like these. My studio always ends up covered in a lot of flower derbis by the end of it all and I usually don’t clean it up until the next day because I’m too tired by that point. 😂 What’s something about your work behind the scenes? Love to hear from you! 

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