Can We Freeze Time?

Do you ever wish you could make time stop? That’s how I feel almost every time I’m on an adventure with Caleb. I wish I could freeze time and be in some moments forever. Like this sunset from our family trip. I soaked in every second at the beautiful house we stayed in with the specular views. Speaking of time...we get so many compliments about our cute watches from @danielwellington. Use code: STEFANIEROUSE to get 15% off with you order on #danielwellington #ad I started getting super sad that Caleb has to go back to work fairly soon several weeks ago, but I realized this mindset was silly. If I spent our time together being sad that things are about to change it takes away from the time we do have. So I made a conscious effort to stop this way of thinking that was stealing joy from me. To not live too far in the past or future, but to really be grateful for the moment I’m in. And keep choosing thankfulness and look for reason to be grateful, not for reasons to be sad. From that point on I’ve been so much happier, have enjoyed moments more, and a heavy heart was replaced with a joyful heart. Do you ever wish you could make time stop? Are you good at choosing to be thankful in each present moment? Love hearing from you! 

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