Christmas in Pittsburgh

I've celebrated Christmas in Pittsburgh my entire life. Because both sets of grandparents live/lived right down the road from the house I grew up in all our aunts and uncles and cousins gather there. It was Caleb's fifth year celebrating there was us. My bro-in-law calls it the 8 days of Christmas because there is some way we celebrate for usually 8 days/nights in a row. We go to several special Christmas services, see all the family and my mom makes us delicious dinners. We get special stockings from my grandma Christmas morning and my aunt takes us to a special Christmas Eve dinner. Another celebration where 18 of us at the house I grew up in having dinner and a fun gift exchange. As everyone was getting dinner there was a special moment between my dad, mom, sister and I. We were waiting back to let others get food first and all ended up in the same place in the kitchen. The part of the kitchen that was the original, and everyone else standing where the addition was put on. Symbolic of our family. The four of us put our arms around each other in a huddle and said these are the original four of this household. It was such a special moment thinking back to all the times we shared together. Through the good and the bad we stuck together and grateful for new additions and continued beautiful moments spent together. It's times like that I never want to forget and hold close to my heart with tears down my face as I type this. Where's your favorite place to celebrate the holidays? Love to hear from you!

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