Comparison Trap

How are you today instagram friends? Do you ever get sucked into the comparison trap? I know I can...and my life can get real messy and isn't nearly as pretty as it looks on social media. I love looking at this beautiful peaceful picture we took on a trip a while back... but unfortunately life doesn't always look this peaceful. The last couple days have been crazy for us. Yesterday our car wouldn't start when Caleb was trying to get to work yesterday, thankful his parents brought a vehicle he could use. When I called AAA there was some more issues. When they came I got locked out of our place for the rest of the day because when my bro in law gave Caleb back the keys he used to watch our place... they never got back on my keychain. I usually dress in comfy clothes to walk around town but wow 😳 yesterday I took it to a whole new level. I was basically in unmatching pjs to let the AAA guy in our car then got to walk around town with my hair SO wild 🤣with the worst outfit after I dropped our car off to get it fixed (a bunch of money to get fixed). This morning Caleb's phone wasn't working and the alarm didn't go off. Well it went off... but no sound. Thankfully he got to work on time but man it's been a lot chaotic around here. Anyways... we love posting pretty pictures and sharing inspiration but our life is certainly not as pretty as it looks on social media. How about you? I can get wrapped up in the comparison trap at times when I'm looking at instagram photos and wishing my life would be that great, but the truth is we all have wild days like the last few for us, don't we? Life isn't always so pretty and comparing peoples beautifully edited moments with the mundane moments of our life isn't fair. Comparison sucks life and joy from my life... and want to remember that we all go through bad stuff, to be kind to one another and speak blessings over others. What do you think?

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