Cowboy Suprise!

Nothing's better than waking up on a Saturday morning and chillin with my cute little wife at our place. Now while cuddling and relaxing sounds fun to do for the entire day, we do have some fun plans for the evening. I am a HUGE Dallas Cowboys fan, and living in LA my entire life I have never been able to go to a game because we couldn't afford to go to games as a kid, and there were no LA teams here for me to see them play against for the majority of my life. So anyways, now that the Rams are back in Los Angeles, the Cowboys are in town this week to face off against them for the preseason and Stefanie surprised me with tickets to the game!!! Let's just say, I am PUMPED!!!! 💪✌️🏈 While I have not missed watching a game in Years, this will be my first time seeing them in person. It's going to be an epic experience. I am so thankful for a wife that supports my crazy hobbies and interests, and that she would invest her time and money into something I love. She's the best!! GO COWBOYS!!  What are you up to this weekend?

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