Do You Ever Feel Lonely?

Do you often feel lonely? I know it's something we don't like to admit or talk about often probably but I know for me I have felt/feel so lonely in my life. Even when I was around others growing up I still would so often feel lonely and still feel lonely a lot. I feel things deeply and many times don't have words for how I feel. Sitting with people and not feeling known or loved can make me feel lost and lonely. As a kid I always wanted a dog because I thought it would help me feel less lonely. I've still never had a dog so I'm not sure if that makes people feel less lonely or not. I know having animals can be a comfort in lonely moments but certainly not a fix all. I know there's a bunch of things I would do in my life to try to feel less lonely. Authentic connection is hard and takes tons of work and vulnerability. I'm working on it, but still not very good at it. In my lonely times I now cry out to God. I know this longing and cure for loneliness won't be completely cured until I'm in Heaven and I often long for that day. What do you think? Love hearing from you guys!

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