Do You Like To Hike?

Do you like to hike? The first hike I can remember going on was at McConnell's Mills in Pennsylvania. Going there with my parents and sister are some one of my favorite childhood memories. There wasn't many other places I hiked around Pittsburgh but any trails in the woods I could find I always loved. I felt like I was on a special quest adventuring with whoever I was with. When I came out to California I would hike with friends or alone at least 4 times a week. I love that there our mountains close to our place in Pasadena. I have had so many talks with God and friends on different mountain trails in CA. Caleb doesn't like me hiking alone anymore because he heard about some unsafe stories from the past 😬so I don't hike nearly as much as I did but any chance I get to hike I will take. Plus we have so many other neat places in walking distance from where we live. Hubby gave me some Caleb coupons a while back for a hike with him and I'm thinking of cashing in this week now that I think about it. 😉 I loved this beautiful hike in Big Bear, we were the only ones on the mountain. Is there a favorite hike you like to go on? We love hearing from you!

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