Emotionally Burdens Lifted

I can’t begin to tell you the emotional weight that I tangibly felt lift off my shoulders this past weekend.  My husband is a teacher, and he also helps run our company. This year was one of the most difficult for us because of all our dreams to accomplish and all the demands on our life. As another school year ended for him, he is now able to give me and our company more of his time and attention, and also having better balance for his own life. Spending the last 3 days with him by my side has been the biggest blessing ever.

Many entrepreneurs are depressed. If you’re one, you know it can be so very lonely, and has it’s ups and very low moments. I worked myself to the ground this past year, and I’m learning a lot more balance. Many 12-18 hour work days not seeing another sole- only connected with others online was draining for an extrovert like me. We’re not meant to do this life alone. And I’m so grateful for a small season where I get to have my business partner/husband by my side. I’ve been thinking and praying a lot for those who feel alone and overwhelmed.  Please always reach out if you’re feeling alone. We are each going through tough battles, and reminding each other that we’re loved and not alone through them with kindness is so important. Can you relate to emotional weight or burdens being lifted? Love hearing from you. 

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