Getting Ready...

Hey friends, I want to admit something to you I’m not proud of. _____ I’ve had the nasty habit of being late for things and people have known me for that. To be honest, it’s had a lot to do with insecurity’s and taking too much time getting ready. I’m girly and like to look nice when going to see friends, family or on a date and has caused me to hurt others. I wish I could change all those times I’ve been late in the past, but over the last few years I’ve been so much better. I want to honor the people in my life and a way to do that is being on time. _____ It’s still one of my goals to grow in this area and a way that was so nice over this last trip to Pittsburgh to have extra time with my family this year because I didn’t need to do my eye makeup and hair. @modernfacestudio did an amazing job putting on lashes for me so I could just wake up and be ready to go. _____ @thegreatergoodsalon trimmed my hair Sabrina is my fav hairdresser ever. I shower at night, let it air dry and brush it out in the morning. I don’t have to dry it or curl it or straighten it which is such a time saver. _____ Honey bear took enough time away with all the attention she needs, but thankfully we had the blessing of the above Pasadena places to save time elsewhere. _____ What tricks do you have to spend less time getting ready and more time with the people you love? Can’t wait to hear from you! _____ 

#makeup #Girl #Time #Respect

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