Grand Canyon Adventure

Adventures are definitely one our favorite things to do. We will explore pretty much anything that we think is worth a trip. Recently, we decided to make the quick (7.5 hour) drive to the Grand Canyon to see it for the first time together. I hadn't seen it since high school and Stef hadn't been since she drove out from Pittsburgh, nonetheless we both wanted a fresh view and perspective of the place. Now we have seen our fair share of beautiful things; Marroon bells in Colorado, Zion national park in Utah, convict lake in California, etc. and I thought the Grand Canyon would be right on that level as far as how exciting and beautiful it would be. When we arrived (and once the fog cleared) I have to say that it's no mystery why people consider it one of the 7 natural wonders of the world. It was magnificent, I was blown away by the sheer size and beauty of the mountains, valleys, and canyons. That first night when we got there we got to experience one of the most breathtaking sunsets we had ever seen in my life. One thing I couldn't get off my mind as I was looking out over the Canyon was the fact that there would not be a single person in the world who could convince me that there wasn't a God after I saw the Grand Canyon. In my opinion, only a creator could paint a picture like the one we saw. Getting to experience the Grand Canyon last weekend with the love of my life was one of the best memories that I have to date in my life. Looking out over the Grand Canyon gave me a fresh perspective on just how small we are and just how BIG God is. I am happy to say that the creator of the Grand Canyon has my back.

What is something you have seen in your life that has taken your breath away? We love hearing your stories!

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