Happy Thanksgiving!!

Happy Thanksgiving!! 🍁🍽🦃 We are so very grateful for you!! Thanks for your kindness, love and beauty you share with us everyday! We are counting our blessings today and you are one of them! Wishing you and yours a day filled with cherishing those little sweet moment in life, focusing on the good, pure, holy, wonderful things! ____ I’m so thankful for every sweet thing in my life, family, friends and Caleb writing this sweetness: “Today I am extremely thankful for the life we have and for the vision God put on our hearts. ____ From the day I walked into that little church in Eagle Rock, CA, and instantly fell in love with the woman of my dreams. It was Love at first sight, yes you heard me right. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her. ____ To the day we started this incredible journey on this amazing app. To now, living our love song and so thankful for the little moments and big that have led us here to today. ____ We have so many things to be thankful for. And today we want to soak in all that God had done for us. Through it all, He has remained our strength, our healer, our rock, and our hope.” 📷: @nelly_cabanillas Styled: @maevestier ____ What are you doing for thanksgiving today, friend and what are you thankful for? 🍁🦃🍽Love hearing from you! 

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