How Flowers Bloom

Who doesn’t like beautiful flowers and blooms? Today’s devotion is about this. Some of you know about Pappy My Pen Pal, the Devotion series I’m doing: For over ten years I received one letter a week filled with wisdom, love and laughter from my grandfather, Pappy. Sign up to join me on this journey of opening his letters and receiving the Father’s heart and love God speaks over each of us. I believe my Pappy’s letters point to a fundamental truth and need over each of our lives- the desire to have the love of a devoted and caring Father for each of us. My Pappy is gone from this earth, but Our Father God is with us and speaks His love over each of us everyday. I take the truths and lessons learned from letters and create devotionals. It’s been hard to write over the last few months about Pappy. It’s hard for me to re-read his letters because it makes me long for his presence and to hear his voice. But I know doing this will bring honor to God and celebrate my Pappy’s legacy of love. And now I got the courage to do it! My grandpa loved planting trees, plants & rejoiced in buds and flowers bloomed. He took great care of each of them and gave them the TLC they needed. He also noticed many small details of each plant & tree that most would overlook. He would notice when seedlings were sprouting and when they needed to be moved to thrive and grow instead of wither and die. Read more by signing up for the free devotions Here

So grateful for each of you! What’s something courageous you’ve done recently? Love to hear from you!

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