I’m Always With Me

I was on a beautiful beach, it was the 4th vacation I had been on that year. I was dating a cute guy, I had amazing friends, was going to a great college and getting good grades. I had a family that loved me, I looked healthy and happy. But on the inside, I was absolutely miserable. No amount of vacations, parties, drinking, clothes, friends, etc was getting me anywhere close to a place of peace. No matter what was around me, how I was dressed, or where I was in the world there was a common factor that remained. Me. I wasn’t at peace no matter where I was or who I was with, because I wasn’t at peace with myself. I didn’t realized it at the time but I had more lies/toxic thoughts in my head then I could ever know.

That was the year I almost killed myself. But, thanks to God and a friend, I gave my life to Jesus instead. It started me on a totally different path in my life and helped lead me to a place of peace. In my walk with God, I realized I needed professional help. I couldn’t deal with all the toxic thoughts that were buried behind so many layers I had inadvertently put up over the course of my life. Although I was a Christian, going to bible studies, serving in ministries, doing so many great things- the layers of toxins were still there. Removing these toxins has changed my life. Once I did, I was able to not only enter into my relationship with Caleb, but as hang ups in our marriage have occurred, we’ve been able to use the information I learned from becoming a professional myself (with my Masters in Psychology and working with clients).

I love going to the beach now. My life isn’t perfect, but I’m at peace. And I want to help other people who feel stuck/frustrated/alone and not able to enter into a relationship with real connection. I want them to get real results now, so they can start walking in peace now. I teach about  the 5 of the shifts I made in our free webinar Masterclass (link in bio). I then help (on a call) plan out a step-by-step plan for their specific situation (because we’re each different) to get them to their goals. Are you at peace, no matter your circumstance? Love hearing from you! 

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