“I Wonder If My Husband Is In This Room.”

“I wonder if my husband is in this room.” I thought this statement often throughout my life. Am I the only one? I would think “If someone does XYZ, then I know he’s my husband.” I would pick daisy petals and say “he loves me, he loves me not.” I had lists of everything I wanted my husband to be. I would look at horoscopes, and little quizzes in magazines thinking it would lead me to “the one.” I “wished on a star” that Prince Charming would come and people would say “at the right timing your perfect man will walk into your life.” What they forgot to say is: unless I made major shifts in the way I thought about men & relationships, that even if a great man did walk into my life, the relationship would dissolve as quickly as it “fell into my lap.” And all those silly things I did prepared me 0% to enter into a good relationship. I would think about all my physical flaws and imperfections and would pray that God would take them away so that someone could love me. If I just had the right clothes, makeup, worked out enough, popular/smart enough, then my perfect guy would find me & love me. I wondered if I would feel this oppressed and suffocated my whole life. I would date guys that were emotionally unavailable & trick myself to believe something could change. God never changed those physical imperfections that I prayed so hard that He would. But God changed my heart & perspective. God allowed me to get my Masters degree in Marriage & Family, gave me amazing therapists to work with, gave me amazing clients that I could see their lives transformed in front of my eyes. Why not set yourself up now to be able to receive and cultivate a long lasting relationship? Sign up for our free webinar here to learn 5 Shifts I made that allowed me too meet and marry the love of my life, and how we’ve even had our love grow over time. When I walk into my room at night I never need to wonder if my husband will be there. He’s there, and I’m more free & loved than I ever thought possible. That’s what I want for others so badly. ✨💕 

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