Kittens and Bunnies

“Hi! Can we be friends!?” What I’m sure Reese’s our sweet rescue kitten is always thinking (her and I are so alike). Watching all these cuties interact is so hilarious and adorable.

It’s so funny how Caleb and I relate to the personalities of our animals.

Blizzy, 🐰 the gray bunny is our first animal. She is so very sweet and will cuddle me nonstop for hours. She loves attention from us and is high strung (Caleb always says she's so like me). Frosty, 🐇 the white bunny (you can only see his butt in this pic) is so laid back and chill. Never seems to get that upset unless really provoked (one of our kittens really upset him one time). Frosty is a lot like Caleb.

Snickers 🐈 (our kitten in the cup pictures if you scroll down our feed) is shy with strangers, is a rule follower and she likes to play it safe and doesn’t want to ruffle any feathers or have any conflict. (Can be like Caleb)

Reese’s 😺 wants to be friends with everyone, doesn’t care as much about rules, is very adventurous and pushes our limits. (Can be like me). Can you see attributes of your personality in any of your animals? Would love to hear about it!

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