Lie: Act a certain way to gain people’s approval that’s not true to yourself

She said to me “act like you’re not that in love so you won’t make people jealous.” Lie: Act a certain way to gain people’s approval that’s not true to yourself.

I spent most of my life NOT being happy in love. Single, or dating I didn’t know how to be myself. I compromised who I was: I didn’t even know what I truly liked and didn’t like. I shifted my personality to make people comfortable, to be liked. To get attention from the boy I liked. Guess how that left me? Even when I was in a  relationship: I was actually completely alone. Unhappy. Depressed. Fake. A shell. I had so many convos in my head where I gave up on the idea of marriage completely. Ironically enough as a wedding photographer, I rarely dreamed about my perfect wedding day-because I couldn’t get past who the groom would be. I didn’t want to be stuck in an unhappy marriage where I felt suffocated, like I couldn’t be free to be myself and even discover who that was. Fast-forward. Now I’m married to a man who loves me for who I am, encourages my dreams, empowers me to be who I truly am. I made 5 huge shifts that allowed me to enter into my relationship with Caleb. Without these, we would never have gotten married. I would still be alone, or in a relationship where I was alone anyways. And the truth for you? If you relate to what I’m saying… without tangible shifts (that I’m teaching, link in bio) you will be stuck there like I was. Wasting precious time where you could be having your dream marriage, family. But instead, you’re lost like I was in a cycle that will never end- settling for an unhappy relationship or ending up alone. I’ve spent years figuring out exactly what I did to get the success (taken from my years in personal therapy, masters in marriage and family therapy program, working with clients, and many case studies) so that I could help others enter into their dream relationship too, and not compromising who they truly are. No. I will not act like I’m not happy in my marriage or any other way 😊 I want this for you so badly! Has anyone asked you to compromise who you are so you can be more liked by others? Love hearing from you! 

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