Light Up My Life

Happy Friday, friends! I got a note this morning from my sweet husband that said “my heart, my love, you are my little perfect dove. You are sugar, you are sweet, I wished forever we would meet. Your my princess and my wife, I want to be with you the rest of my life!” He knows how to lights up my day and life for sure. This picture from a couple days ago is from one of our favorite parks in Malibu. Usually we like to take pictures in the golden hour but sometimes it’s even so pretty in direct sunlight. The yellow flowers all around are gorgeous. We hiked up a big hill, danced around in the fields and climbed on a fallen tree. Sometimes life is tough, but other times it’s like a fairytale with this one. Caleb helps me to laugh and not take everything so seriously and brings so much light and joy into my life. We love seeking the light together. Who brings light to your life? What are you looking forward to this weekend? :) . ..............……...............…….............. Unshakable Crown is the meaning of our names and mission. Caleb=Unshakable + Stefanie=Crown Unshakable Crown speaks an identity that can’t be shaken by the craziness of the world. We are husband & wife wedding & portrait photographers, relationship educators, lifestyle bloggers, and best friends. 

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