Living From This Abundance

Do you live out of this place of abundance? Out of this knowledge of knowing how very loved you are? This is the Christmas story: the proof that you are so very loved. That God came to be with us. To be born into poverty as a baby. To live the life we should have lived but couldn't. To be our great counselor and experience what it's like to be rejected and hurt so He can help us in our pain. Jesus died the death for us we should have to die and conquered the grave for us so we can live with Him eternally. There is no fear in love. His love for us conquers all fear, anxiety, and brings us to a place of peace and living and loving out of this abundance. My brain has been bogged down by a lot of lies to hide this truth from me as I walk throughout my days, but I want to keep going back to this great truth and want others to know of the amazing love of Jesus. He loves us enough to come to rescue us when we deserve it the least. How much will He provide everything else we need? God is with us, and shows us...You Are Loved.

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