Lourdes & Andrew

Caleb and I love celebrating wedding days photographing our amazing couples.  Each wedding holds a special place in our heart and reminds us even more of the love we have for each other and the love we have for the beauty of Marriage. On of the things that struck us about Lourdes and Andrew’s wedding day was how much community they had surrounding and celebrating them. During the dollar dance tears were flowing down Lourdes eyes and many of the guests she danced with. Meaning-while, Andrew and his friends laughter and dancing filled the room.  This group of people knew how to celebrate. Andrew doesn’t get teary often, but we could tell how emotional he was all day, at that thought of pledging his forever to Lourdes (especially when he read the sweet letter she sent him before the ceremony). Her bouquet was wrapped in linen from her mother’s wedding dress and the celebration between generations was one to be remembered. One of the funniest parts of the evening was when Lourdes sweet dog was brought down to the reception (the dogs were in tuxes, I’ll let you know when I upload their blog teaser of that cuteness). We are so happy for this beautiful couple and wish them many years of joy and blessings together. What struck you about the last wedding you attended? Love hearing from you! 

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