Malibu Wine Safari

Have you ever shown up somewhere and it not be what you expected? This summer, as a surprise I took Stefanie to Malibu Wine Safari. We had all these ideas about how glamorous it was going to be, but once we got there it was definitely not what we expected. We decided to give it a chance, and let's just say we were glad we did. We had an amazing time together seeing animals, having a little wine, and we even got to meet Stanley the giraffe. It was a date that Stefanie and I will never forget. If we had just given up and left we would have missed out on a great experience, but because we hung in there we learned how important it is to get past the outward appearance and get to know the heart. Little did we know that this run down looking lot would turn into a beautiful landscape with a variety of animals that we got to interact with. We definitely learned to look beneath the surface when experiencing new things because we may not know yet where the adventure is going to take us. In this case, it turned out to be one of our favorite dates that we've had. Have you ever had an experience/adventure turn out to be different than expected? We would love to hear your stories!

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