Museum of Ice Cream

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Museum of Ice Cream 🍦

Guys! Let me just say that the museum of ice cream was well worth the wait. It was such an amazing experience of colors, candies, collages, and cream. All mixed together to bring a unique experience and twist to ice cream.

We had been wait listed for some time in order to get our tickets, but when we got the opportunity to get them, we were so happy we waited.

We are all about adventure and fun, and this was definitely both of those. It was a bloggers dream inside, we got pictures pretty much in every room as we took our time walking through the museum.

Definitely the high point was seeing and getting in the sprinkles pool. No we didn't eat any of it, but we had fun "swimming"/playing around!👌

We have to say that we had high expectations going into this, but it blew us away with how cool and unique it all was. Plus, the ice cream was pretty bomb!!

So happy that I have a wife that finds these random cool things for us to do and that we get to share these experiences together.

The museum is almost gone from LA, but they will be in San Francisco soon if you want to try and go.

Hit us with a🍦in the comments below if you love ice cream!! And what's your favorite flavor??

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