My Love for Animals

Hey there! I’m Stefanie. I'm currently cuddling my kittens. I love Jesus, my husband, my family and animals. I want to tell you a little about my love for animals. As a kid I would try to find as many wild animals as possible and bring them home to see if we could keep them: bunnies, moles, turtles, crayfish, birds, worms, huge bugs, frogs etc. I would always go exploring to help or hold any moving creature. I’ve always been so intrigued and amazed by living things, never scared or grossed out by bugs or animals, and would hold them and examine them. My dream was to be a dolphin or horse trainer. I asked for a dog every year for Christmas all growing up but still have never owned a dog. I loved the parakeets, mice, bunnies, ducks and hermit crabs we owned growing up. I remember looking out my window at night as a kid and asking if God would let me have horses one day. I still don’t have horses, but my sister does and they are adorable. This is certainly one of my happy places. Caleb also loves animals and together it’s been so fun to experience a lot of animal encounters. What’s your favorite animal? I would love to hear more about you!

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