Our Honeymoon to Aruba

This throwback is from our first and only time out of the country together. We went to Aruba for a honeymoon (11 months after we got married). We love experiencing new things together and had the best time snorkeling, chilling on the beach, going to a butterfly farm, meeting amazing people from Aruba, walking on the white beach with clear blue water. One of my favorite parts was hanging out with donkey’s (although I kicked a cactus while running away from some as I was feeding them apples) ouch. The world cup was on and we cheered and Caleb taught me about soccer and it was fun how much the locals were into it too. We went on a ‘romantic’ horse ride along the ocean. But it wasn’t so romantic at all because they gave Caleb a super small horse (he’s 6’5) so it didn’t work out so well. 😂So it was basically an old man tour guide from Aruba and Caleb hanging out while I was off on my own. The man even serenaded us a long song (but WOW that old man had no idea how to sing). Other than not really being able to walk on my foot and pulling out a big spine (from kicking the cactus) almost a week after we got back it was really a great time. For real, anything I can do with this one by my side I’m grateful for. If you could recommend one place for us to travel where would it be and why? Love hearing from you!!

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