Hey Friends, I’m Stefanie. My husband & I are photographer & lifestyle bloggers who talk about the real heart stuff in life & relationships. _____ I could tell you that I love animals, just got my first ever dog after asking for one since I was 5. That I love capturing moments 📷, people, my hubby, travel, adventure, marriage, flowers, people. But looking at our feed you probably could guess all that anyways. _____ What you might not know is, my life feels like oxymoron. I love Jesus and my husband, but I don’t always reflect that. I love animals but am allergic to most. I’m an advocate for health but have a lot of health issues. My dream is to work full time with my hubby like our first 3 years of marriage but we don’t. _____ I’ve always felt like an outcast in some ways, but have been surrounded by friends and family. The first in my family to move outside of driving distance to Pittsburgh. Being a Jesus freak while others looked at me weird🤷‍♀️ Entering into my marriage and family therapy masters program knowing I didn’t want to be a therapist like everyone else in the program. I love community but am alone so much being an entrepreneur in LA and having only one car (that my hubby has throughout the day). I LOVE this passion job of mine, but dang is it difficult being an entrepreneur! _____ I’m always reminding you that YOU ARE LOVED because so often I forget that myself.  I would LOVE to learn something new about you! Tell me below!👇🏼 

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