Seeing The Joy In Little Things

As Caleb and I were about to leave to go back home from our mini vaca beach trip Sunday evening, per usual I started crying. Caleb told me I have vacation separation anxiety which is so true. We laughed as he brought up another good point that I don’t like avoiding much in life other than leaving to go back home from vacation. But then he told me something that changed my perspective. He told me that we’ve made our home so comfortable, clean and pleasant that he likes to go back to be in that peaceful place we’ve created together. I realized I can get overcome with striving and worry at home, and on vaca lots of my worries slip away. But that doesn’t need to just be on vacation. We can bring that present-ness with us even in our home.  Maybe with a little bit more work and determination, a little bit more reminding ourselves to appreciate the blessings and beauty that are not as obvious as a huge ocean or gorgeous sunset, but still beautiful none the less. We didn’t bring any souvenirs or presents back from this mini vaca, but we brought each other back which (while corny) is the best thing to bring back for sure. What are ways you bring peace and joy to your home? Love to hear from you!! 

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