Take Out The Trash

Who can enjoy a night next to smelly trash? Have you ever had a busy week and the dirty dishes, smelly laundry or nasty trash pile up? What was once nice and clean can become dirty and warn out over time. Maybe you can’t even enjoy the other things around you because of the burden of the mess (I know I can’t).

It’s the same with our lives. The mess and fog that’s been built in our hearts to keep us stuck, alone, feeling disconnected, looking for things to numb the painful feelings isn’t what we’re meant for. People go to drugs/alcohol, over eating/spending etc. for enjoyment and keep adding more to try to bring some joy into their life, but these are short lived. Having a healthy thriving relationship with God and my husband, and helping others have that in their lives is my passion. I’m helping women get rid of any “garbage” in their lives that’s stopping them from building a great, long-lasting relationship. And instead of temporary band-aids, there’s real heart-work that’s long lasting and beautiful.  The breakthrough already happening in their lives, is amazing, and I’m being transformed in the process too. I want to enjoy this life, and my love to the fullest. Click here to find out 5 huge shifts I make (and our clients make) to cultivate a thriving relationship (even if you are now single) Getting rid of the trash never felt so good! 😊Do you get more enjoyment when not near a smelly mess? Love hearing from you! ___ 📷: @victoriabonvicini 

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