Tell Me Something About You!

Happy Friday, friends! I want to learn something new about you, so I’m sharing some things you may not know about me, #fridayintroductions I’m Stefanie, and I’m with Reese’s here, one of our two rescue kittens. I’m a full time business owner, #girlboss, entrepreneur. Photographer, blogger, relationship educator @unshakablecrown I’m allergic to cats and many animals but I’m obsessed with animals, always have been. I’m a huge nerd in multiple ways, I’m always researching things and loved school. I basically never missed a day of school K-12th and never missed a college class that I can remember. I came to California from Pittsburgh to get my Masters which I did, and am close to a second Masters degree. I was thinking of getting my PHD but just do a lot of other studies for our job: photography, business, writing, etc. I wear glasses (or contacts) and am allergic to so many things and have constant congestion. I was sneezing right before Caleb snapped this pic. I'm am currently getting immunotherapy shots for 16 of my allergies 😂 I haven’t always embraced my nerdy 🤓 side but learning how much of one I really am. I’m super sensitive, love being creative, empathetic and can be so corny, but keep it real too. I constantly make up fake words and weird nicknames to call my best friend/business partner/true love/husband: Caleb. I love putting myself in others shoes and seeing the beauty in the world around me and in each person. One of the reasons I love my job so much. That’s a couple new things about me, I would love to learn something new about you, can't wait to hear it! 

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