The Champion Of My Heart

What’s one of your favorite lines from a movie? One of my husband’s favorites is from Cinderella Man where the wife tells her husband “you’re the champion of my heart.” I have goosebumps and tears in my eyes just thinking about it, because that quote is exactly how I feel about Caleb. I think all guys have in them to be a champion/hero and I know my husband has that deep desire in him. Back when I was a teen there were certain athletes, musicians and movie stars I thought were so cool and would have loved to get their autograph and dreamed to hang out with them. For me now, that’s how I feel about my husband but even more so. I’m way more in awe, more excited to see, and want to get his autograph (in a love letter to me) from Caleb than any famous athlete or superstar in the world. Walking through the daily trails of life with me, working so hard for our family, showing compassion, kindness, love and so many other things Caleb is keeps me in respect and admiration. You’re the champion of my heart, Caleb Rouse. What’s one of your favorite lines from a movie? Love to hear from you, and would love to know why it's your favorite line. 😊

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