The Start Of Our Adventure

We walked up up up a sand covered trail holding hands with our hair going crazy from the wind and sights and smells of the sea around us. When we got to the top I exclaimed with joy for the fantastic view before me. The point looked out to the ocean on either side and I felt overcome with the love and beauty around me.

This was from our first trip to Point Dume when we were newly in love and the joyful feelings from that day resonate strongly as I look at this picture. We’ve gone and hopefully will go to this spot many more times, and each special moment with Caleb is something I want to cherish deeply in my heart.

Our love is deeper now but the childlike excitement still remains. The sense of adventure, laughter and wonder but with a deep commitment of almost 4 years of marriage and life and trials together. I’m reminded of never taking moments or my true love for granted. It’s Friday!! Which for means I get more time with the love of my life soon! We are photographing a family at a beach and spending lots of quality time together. What are your plans for this weekend? Love to hear from you!

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