Who do you adore?

This is my amazing husband, Caleb. I'm always looking at this guy in awe. He really is my hero everyday. He shows so much strength and resilience in the midst of so many changes in our lives. He's taken on so many new responsibilities this year but still finds the time to make me feel so special everyday.

He is now a teacher at a public school teaching a new grade which are big changes from the Christian private schools he's worked at and gone to his whole life. He is also the athletic director at the school and spends his lunches and after school spending time with kids. Today he won Teacher of the Month!! I'm so impressed by him!

He's half of our business Unshakable Crown and helps me all the time with different aspects of it. He loves sports and during the NFL season this years he's been writing for our blog and is now one of the main bloggers for a sports blog Allsportstalk.net.

He has the biggest, sweetest heart for God, me, his family, his friends that are like brothers and people in general. His kindness and humor challenges me to love others more.

I adore this guy more than words can say! Who's someone in your life that's your hero or someone you adore? Love to hear from you!!

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