Who Encourages You?

Who's someone in your life who's encouraged you in an area you love? And what's an area of your life you wish people spoke more encouragement into? This is our beautiful friend Anne. Our mutual bff Christy introduced us over a year ago. This girl is an encourager. The first time Caleb and I met her, she spoke so much life into our relationship and encouraged us for who we are together. This means the world to us, and an area we love to be encouraged! She is so intelligent, hard working, artistic, funny and beautiful. Anne loves people whole-heartedly and is so brave to make a big move from coast to coast (now living in LA). She’s been a prayer warrior for me and has the biggest heart to serve the lost and broken. She’s incredible with kids and animals. So thankful for the blessing she’s been in our lives and so grateful for this beautiful friend. Click link in bio to see more pictures we took of lovely Anne, and to schedule a time where we can take your picture! What is in area of your life you loved to be encouraged? We love hearing about you!

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