Work/Play Balance

Do you have a hard time finding a balance between work and play? Since I’ve gone full time into my passion job it’s been an interesting balance for us. Because I love what we do so much, I have found myself working non-stop. Caleb also loves what we get to do with our company so much, that between all the photo taking of families and couples, partnering with our church, and all the behind the scenes of our company, we need to have time set aside to just play. We love working, talking, praying and dreaming about all the goals we have for @unshakablecrown. And we also have been intentional to take time to just be. To be super goofy with each other and try to not take everything so seriously. To have a more lighthearted attitude about things. When we went up to the mountains this past weekend, it was so great to be more present together and enjoy being on a date. I know it’s always going to take a lot of communication and grace for each other being husband & wife business partners, and I’m glad we continually learn and grow together. What’s something helpful you’ve found between work/play balance. Love to hear from you! P.S. our date here !  

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