You Are A Gift

You are a gift! Yes, you! I was so nervous to share what I shared with you several posts ago, but the love and encouragement I received blew me away. I’m so impressed by your honesty and it reinforced what I already know, you are a gift.

Not only do you have amazing gifts, you are a gift. The One who made you delights in you and longs for your presence. That is a great present to Him.

I’m learning more about Father God’s heart for me, and for you. One of the ways is through my Pappy’s letters (my grandpa wrote me a letter a week for 10 years). When one of my Pappy’s letters told my sister and I that we gave him a gift everyday by just being us, it hit my heart hard and made me think of myself and others different. ✧

I believe my Pappy’s letters point to a fundamental truth and need over each of our lives- the desire to have the love of a devoted and caring Father for each of us. My hope is that lessons from my Pappy’s letters combined with scripture can help me and others know that we are a gift, and have the unconditional love of a Father. Sign up for free letters Click Here!

Thanks for the gift you are! Who’s a gift in your life today? ♡

Nikki my dear friends Birthday is today and her friendship has been a gift in my life for over 17 years (even longer if you count us being friends in the hospital right after we were delivered). 🎉

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