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Meaning of our names:  Caleb = Unshakable + Stefanie = Crown

Husband and wife  lifestyle bloggers, relationship educators, adventurers

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Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House, Banff, Canada

It was such a accomplishment to be sitting here.

It was 3.4 miles up a mountain to get to this spot, which usually wouldn't be a problem but I had just taken a bad fall several days before.

When I was walking around in sandals near waterfalls in WI, I stepped where half the step broke off and fell. Two of my toe nails ripped off, my ankle and foot twisted all up, and my legs and ankle got all scraped up.

It wasn't pretty for a while (my toes still look interesting) but healed enough to make the beautiful trek to go to the Plain of Six Glaciers Tea House.

It's such a cute place set to see the 6 glaciers. There's no electricity but still yummy food. We felt transferred back in time at the quant place.

We would hear what sounded like crazy thunder, but then saw snow tumbling down in an avalanche on one of the glaciers.

The sights and sounds were breathtaking.

So thankful I didn't miss out on this adventure.

Click here for more details about this hike!

Where we ate ↟

In the picture right above this, you can see the snow falling down the mountain.

What's a fun adventure you've been on? Love to hear from you!

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